Company Profile

Company Profile

Shenzhen Eryi International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a professional international freight forwarding service operator, mainly engaged in international express cargo international express delivery, international air transport, Amazon double clearing tax line, marine transportation. Provide one-stop services such as logistics and warehousing, cargo distribution, cargo insurance, and freight consulting to provide customers with safe, controllable and cost-effective international logistics solutions.

With the modern international logistics management mode, we have fully established a service network of international agents, and designed a complete one-stop logistics transportation solution for shipping, air transportation, express delivery, customs declaration, customs clearance and delivery to meet the needs of different customers. All international express delivery is delivered by world-renowned companies. It processes tens of thousands of international parcels and delivers them to more than 200 countries and regions around the world. It is the preferred international logistics company for users of internationally renowned e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Wish, and Alibaba. First, to provide professional, safe and efficient logistics services for domestic and foreign sellers, to ensure that your goods reach the guests smoothly, to help you develop more business and enhance your competitive advantage.

The company's top management is a group of freight experts with more than 10 years of rich experience. It has a cross-border complementary international composite team. It knows logistics better than sellers, understands cross-border e-commerce than freight forwarding, and understands platforms better than trunk dealers. More understanding than customs clearance. It is a high-quality staff with strong sense of service, high professional level and team spirit. We rely on high-quality team, huge service network, flexible management mechanism, professional service means and advanced information technology support to make the market The share has expanded rapidly. With the spirit of “the owner is supreme and the prestige is the soul”, the company is committed to developing into an integrated service provider of international trade and third-party logistics with the spirit of “Thinking of the customer and the urgency of the customer”. It integrates many internationally renowned customers. The international courier company's business and price, to ensure the authenticity of prices and discounts, to provide customers with real-time international express delivery options.

You only need one phone call or one message, and our company professionals can complete the low cost, high efficiency and according to your specific requirements, and let customers get the latest shipping information of the goods in time to relieve your worries.

Choose us, let us provide you with the best service at reasonable price and good reputation.

Enterprise Culture

Enterprise Culture

Shenzhen 218 International Logistics Co.,Ltd.

Address : 1st Floor No.22,Fuhai Road,Fuyong Town, Baoan District,Shenzhen City,China

Contact : Miss Hu

Phone:+86(755)2930 9300

Mobile:+86 1372550 7493


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