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218 international logistics is convenient for guests. It provides agent procurement, warehousing, order processing and packaging materials storage services. Small and medium e-commerce sellers are often unable to deal well in the procurement and inventory management, which leads to increased operating costs and can not put the main energy on the development and sales of products. The warehousing services we provide can help you solve these problems.

218 international logistics warehousing services include agent procurement, domestic warehousing, order processing and packaging materials. From the front of the supply chain, it extends to the perfect docking with the transport service, and forms a one-stop service for the purchase, storage and transportation. At the same time, it has also realized the logistics and the double flow of information flow.

218 international logistics and many suppliers in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou and other regions have good business relations. At the same time, they can use their own network advantages to carry out procurement throughout the country. We can help you achieve cross provincial, multi variety, low cost procurement and help customers win at the starting point. Equipped with a modern warehouse suitable for the storage of small pieces of low value goods, relying on the self-developed WMS can help customers manage inventory well.

If the customer uses our warehouse service, when the customer gets the order on the Internet, we can send the order directly to us. We will pick up the goods according to the order and use the suitable packing material for packing. Then we choose the right transportation service according to the needs of the order, so that your goods can be delivered on time, so that your funds can be recovered as soon as possible.

We provide different specifications of packaging materials to meet the needs of different customers for packaging. At the same time, the price of our packaging materials is favorable, which can save more cost for you.

The fees and charges for warehousing services are shown in the following table:

Charge standard:

Agency procurement

5% of the total purchase orders can be as low as 2% when purchasing large quantities. The minimum charge is 100 yuan.

Inspection fee

Quantity check: charge according to 0.01 yuan / product, or 1 yuan / kg. Take the high amount of the two as the basis of the charge. Quality inspection: according to the sampling rules provided by the customer, the visual inspection item is 1 yuan / A, and 2 yuan per unit of the power supply and other inspection facilities (including visual inspection). The minimum charge for each batch is 50 yuan.

landing hire

Loading cost: 1 yuan per kilogram, minimum charge of 10 yuan per time.

Warehousing fee

Standard shelves are provided. Each stock unit is 30 centimeters long and 60 centimeters high. If the cargo is large, the unit can be merged. According to each unit 10 yuan / month calculation. Warehousing price: 1% charge according to the declared amount. The goods and cargo damage shall be compensated according to the amount of the declaration. When the goods need to be returned, they charge 2 yuan per kilogram, and the minimum charge is 20 yuan. (quantity can be stored free of charge)

Handling fee

1 yuan / order +1 yuan / each item. If the quantity of a certain product in the order exceeds 10, the charge is charged by 0.1 yuan per product, or the total weight of a single order is over 2 kilograms, and the charge is charged at 1 yuan per kilogram. Take the high amount of the two as the basis of the charge.

Specific price and operation agreement, details can be consulted business!


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