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The China Pacific Property Insurance Co is a professional property insurance subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance Group. China Pacific Insurance Group has been successfully listed on the Shanghai stock exchange and the Hongkong stock exchange in December 25, 2007 and December 23, 2009 respectively. It is a listed insurance group with strong comprehensive strength. There are more than 2200 insurance branches in the country; insurance inspection, claim and recovery agents have been employed in more than 350 major port cities in more than 130 countries and regions all over the world; a good business cooperation relationship has been established with several insurance companies, reinsurance companies and insurance intermediaries at home and abroad.

218 international logistics hand in hand with Pacific Insurance to provide door to door cargo insurance for our customers to export goods to major countries and regions in the world. And especially for the low price goods in the small trade of transnational electronic commerce, the flat mail and registered insurance have the advantages of low rate, simple operation, fast payment and so on.

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